AirBnB / VRBO property management
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AIRBNB Property Management

Let us manage your AirBnB or VRBO rental in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, or New Westminster. Turn your property into a true passive investment! From listing management to client communication to cleaning, we are the short-term rental management experts.

Property Protection

Short Term Rental Insurance

Did you know that many home insurance packages don't cover rental situations? We can refer you to our trusted, licenced insurance partner specializing in short-term rental insurance. Have the peace of mind that your property will be protected, no matter what life throws at it. Contact us today for more information and a no-obligation consultation.

Interior Design and Staging

Our experience professionals will stage your property to create the unique look and feel your space demands. An appealing, professional interior design elevates your property and attracts a greater quantity and quality of potential clients.
Increase conversions, decrease damage and maximize bookings with one of our affordable design packages. View more information.

Search Engine Visibility

Just creating a listing is not enough to be seen. Our experience with AirBnB, VRBO and Google's algorithms ensures that your listing has the best chance of being seen by paying customers.
Content, pricing, text and images all combine to affect how many people see your listing every day. Maximize your ROI by letting our short-term rental advertising experts optimize your exposure!

Key Code Management Service

We communicate with guests to ensure a smooth arrival and offer 24 / 7 support if things go wrong. Avoid the late night messages and back-and-forth by letting our on-call professionals handle all arrival and departure communications with your customers.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

AirBnB customers have consistently listed the cleaning duties that property owners require to be the biggest obstacle to completing a transaction on the platform. The second-most cited property concern was about the quality of pre-arrival cleaning. Remove that friction by assuring your prospective customers that the cleaning has been professionally completed before their arrival, and will be taken care of upon departure. Minimize friction, maximize conversions!

Property Maintenance Services

It never fails. Just when you're ready to go out for an evening, get called in to work or close your eyes at the end of the day, the dreaded maintenance message from a tenant will appear. Whether it's a plumbing, electrical or other repair, our network of on-call, qualified tradespeople will be there to save the day. No stress, no dissatisfied tenants, no bad reviews. Just fast, efficient solutions to all your short-term maintenance needs.


Professional photography isn't just beautiful. It shows the customer that you are a professional property owner. Our experienced real estate photographers will show your rental property in the best light, showcase its unique features and maximize the visual impact, regardless of the space.
More interest means more clicks which means more conversions. Put your best foot forward with professional photos on your listings!

50+ listings

Here are just a few of our available listings.

Our extensive network of managed listings means that we have feet on the ground in your neighbourhood, wherever that neighbourhood is! Our properties are located throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District, including Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster and downtown. Click below to see a small sample of some of the properties under our management.